Some briar I have had since 2005

Drilled and shank turned down for acrylic ferrule to be added later

I start with shaping the top of the bowl and marking where I want the wax drips to be

Important to get the drips straight up and down here or the pipe will never look right. I have also done the basic shaping of the pipe under the "wax"

Shank is defined now and main shaping of wax area is set

Time to start defining the drips

Looking good

Pipe is shaped and time for sanding. I like to stain before sanding because it helps me see any areas I haven't sanded well enough.

First sanding done. Only four more to go.

Sanded, stained, buffed and waxed

Rustication is complete. I like to do a shallow, finer rustication on these pipes

Stained and waxed. Black acrylic ferrule added. Clean up the end of the shank and it's time for some stem work.

Ready for a stem

A swirled orange stem and this one is ready to go.