I have two lathes I use. A small Taig metal lathe which I use for stems and a large South bend metal lathe I use for drilling stummels and also for some stem work. I reccommend buying a large lathe only and skipping the small one. I have had the Taig since I began making pipes and I just bought the South bend last year. I find myself doing more and more on the big lathe and probably will eventually stop using the Taig altogether. I have a large drill press which I use for some drilling of stummels, but mostly for buffing. All my buffing wheels have their own arbor and its really easy to change between wheels on the drill press. For carving I use both a Dremel rotary tool with a flex shaft and also a Foredom rotary tool. Band saw for cutting blocks and stem rod. Three different types of sanding disks with each mounted on its own motor. Heat gun for stem bending and applying wax to rusticated pipes. Grinder for sharpening cutters used on lathe.